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2011-2012 Stefan Hellings. Photography by Jolien Somers

About me

numbers and statistics

Design 30%
Development 25%
Photography 20%
Multimedia 10%
Games 15%
  • fast learner
  • open-minded
  • independent
  • creative
  • good listener
  • Sagittarius
  • long sleeper
  • experimental

favorite music/color/toe: Metal/red/4rd from left from my right foot

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  • Early Childhood
  • Early Childhood
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10 Dec. 1989

That's the date marking my life. I was born in Genk (Belgium), but soon after my birth I moved back to Germany, where my parents lived at that time, to start my life.

Early childhood

To be honest, I don't remember much of my early childhood. I can only recall certain things because of the stories my parrents told me.

One of those stories was my first experience with a computer. Back in those days, my father brought one of those weird looking mashines home one day. Curious as I was I stared in wonder at that strange looking mashine, not knowing that my future would be largely influenced by this piece of technologie.

One story I do lively remember was my first day at school. Unfortunately it did not go well as I ran away from kindergarden not once, but twice in a row. My parents were shocked and at the same time furious as they actually saw me running across the playgrounds up to the streets after school started. Don't worry, it all ended well.

When I was 4 years old the, now fully grown, family moved back to Belgium where I still live today. I started attending a public school at the age of 5 and remained there for 6 more years.

Mid- and Highschool

At the age of 11 I started a whole new chapter in my life. I was now ready to go into Midschool. Very exciting stuff, at first though. (Un)fortunately it's the same time I came to play videogames. One iconic game I still love today changed my look at the future. I wanted to become ... a Game-designer!

With a clear goal in sight I dedicated my highschool-career to that goal. I studied informatics, mathematics, fysics, didn't do that well with French or Spanish but I managed.

As I grew older I discovered my personal taste in music. Loud music... Very loud music. I discovered a world of Heavy Metal and I loved it.

A change of course

At the age of 17 I still had my dream of becoming a game-designer. I practiced my 3D Modeling skills and learned a lot from the internet. As my future studie started to come closer and closer I made a difficult decision. I left my current school and went to Hasselt to learn programming languages and Informatics.

At the end of my highschool chapter it was time to find that univercity/academie that could help me become what I've always dreamed of. It did not look good for me. At that time not a SINGLE univercity provided a game-design/development course or non were living up to my expectations. My best shot was to go to Amsterdam for my dream to come true. As you can guess, no money, no Amsterdam.

Fortunately I accuired some other interests than only game-design in my life. Multimedia being one of them. I knew what I had to do. Find an education with the next big thing.

Signing up for a Bachelor and Master in Communication- & Multimediadesign

Finaly 18, and suposably an adult now, I entered the Media and Design Academie in Genk (that city sounds familiar). I started my bachelors education to learn all about communication, marketing, graphic design, audiovisual technics and ICT. There was a lot more ofcourse but those were the most important classes.

It didn't take long for me to realise that my passion for webdesign grew bigger and bigger. After my second year I even started a small company with 2 friends called Web-lab Webdesign (that company still exists today). In the summertime I worked as a webdesigner and developer and I was fortunate enough to have my internship at Inventis, one of the best webdesign companies in Belgium.

A new look at the future

I've reached the point where I enter the last stage of my educational career. I entered my Masters in Communication- & MultimediaDesign. More then that. I started working on my own. The last few years I have specialised myself in all things design (print, web, app) and webdevelopment. I builded up quite some experience in 'the real world' or the businessworld in preparation for a future job. Working with clients, developing all sorts of things, and still experimenting with a lot of things that are out there.


Well, here we are. We have reached the end of my story. All there is now is the future and unfortunately I can't predict what's going to happen. I guess at this point I'll go for a job hunt. I already have some places in mind. For some strange reason I'm still thinking about game-design, I'ts still a passion within me that tries to come out. I guess now than ever is a great time to start learning on my own, since the internet has evolved quite a lot from 2000, there arer tons of reading materials and stuff to learn from. But first I need to complete my mastersdegree and then get me that Junior Webdesigner seat at a company. One thing is for surtain. The future holds a lot off stories to be told.

What do i do...

Download my CV
Studies; communication- & multimediadesign

Master Communcation- & MultimediaDesign

Currently I'm still working on my mastersdegree. It's a LOT of work. No realy, I barely have time to sleep or eat at some periods.

Communcation- & MultimediaDesign is a 4 year program. The first 3 years are dedicated to a bachelor degree. It envolves learning a sturdy base within communication, marketing, graphics design, audiovisual technics and ICT. There's a lot more to it than just that, like psychology, perception-studies, social studies, research-methodology and more of those difficult words. In the 3rd year there's an internship at a company of choise (you need to get accepted though). I had my internship at Inventis, one of the best webdesigncompanie in Belgium. You can read all about my internship on

The last year is dedicated to a mastersdegree. This revolves around research. A mastersdegree in C-MD (short for Communication- & MultimediaDesign) means I'm capable of conducting deepgoing research and applying my knowledge and skills to interact with that research. In order for a student to prove this skillset, he or she must engage in his or her own master project. Conduct his own research and build a prototype around that research.

Within my C-MD Master, I've chosen to research the complex structure in LAN-party organisation. The result of that research is LANBOOST.

LANBOOST is a multi-platform prototype that uses trademarks of the gaming culture and uses it to collect information. It uses that collected information to ease up and stimulate the organisation of LAN-parties. An 'Online Platform' works as an informationgathering platform while a mobile application works as a usefull tool that lifts the workload of an organizer.

You can find the final result at If you want to know more about LANBOOST or the research around it then you can download my researchpaper at

Hobbies; Photography, gamedesign


Besides my passion for design and webdevelopment I have some other hobbies that quite interest me.


I first started getting into photography in my first year of C-MD. Photography was a part of my audiovisual technics classes. My interests grew more and more with each lesson and I felt my finger itching to shoot more and more pictures. It didn't took long for me to save up some money and buy my own gear. I'm also very fond of helping out my girlfriend with photoshoots and sessions. That reminds me, go check out some of her pictures at I don't yet have my own photography portfolio. But it might still come.

Urbex Art

A somwhat 'dangerous' (not to mention sometimes illegal) side-effect of my interests in photography. I started getting into Urbex photography after my lovely girlfriend introduced me to it. There's something about the excitement and the atmosphere when exploring old and abbandoned buildings and places.

Game-design and development

A long lost passion is currently returning to the surface. I've always been fascinated by game-design. Now that my studies are about to finish I'm starting to explore all the new things around game-design. I've found some nice open source and free to use platforms that can help me, maybe, make my own little computergame. Who knows where I'll end up once I get the hang of it.

Work; Design, webdevelopment

Stefan Hellings - Design, development and more...

I currently have my own private business, complete with tax- and registrationnumber ofcourse.

I've been working as a webdesigner for different companies for quite some time now. It had to come eventualy that I would startup my own private business. And in 2011 it finaly did. I'm for hire for all things design and web related. Print design, web design, App design, photography, webdevelopment, you name it. I'm the guy you need for that job.

I take on all kinds of projects, but for the most time I don't take large ones. Since I'm currently still studying I need to use my time wisely. My first priority is my degree so most of the time I take on projects like small to medium business websites and other projects alike. For my customers that means they can get a top quality website very fast and at a very good price.

If you happen to be interested in a webdesigner/developer, but you are not quite convinced? Than check out some of my work. Or you can contact me and have a little talk.

Life; Cooking, traveling, music

Other things in life

You've read about my education, my hobbies and my work. Here are some things I generaly like in life itself.


YES, you have read it correctly. I can cook, I like to cook. In fact, I LOVE to cook. Nothing beats a good grilled steak or a 'pasta-al-dente' when you made it yourself. I started cooking when I was about 12 years old. It started with an egg, then an omelet en BAM, before I knew it I was cooking meatloaf and gratin with grilled Parmagan cheese. Like with programming on a computer, I like to experiment with all sorts of stuff. I've tried like 100 different ways to make an omelet (and I still haven't decided whitch one I like the most). Do you have a great recipy you want me to try? Send me a message.


Although I mostly sit in front of a computerscreen, when the time comes at hand I like to travel. My best trip so far was to Wimmereux in France. It's a lovely fishing village which is known for it's traumendous waves at the shore. I'm telling you, those waves are BIG. You should go visit it if you can. I highly recomand it.


When it comes to music, heavy is my game. I like the sound of guitars, the power of rock and the high pich voices of the old masters of metal. Although heavy metal isn't the only genre I like. There are lots of interesting genres and music in the world. I kinda like a lot of them. Except for dubstep (I can't stand that crap).

Some of My work

Brand Style & Album Art

Brand Style & Album Art

The work I've done for the band SunGarden is a great example of my branding knowledge.
SunGarden is a band that came to me in search of a Logo and general style for their band. Eventualy I ended up making their entire Album art and styleguide.

Inventis Internship

Internship Inventis Web Architects

Unfortunately due to copywright and internal agreements I can't publish much of the work I've done during my internship at Inventis.

Fortunately however I am allowed to show my work within the confinements of a private meeting. If you are interested in seeing more of my work during my internship then contact me.



During these couple of years I've had my share of webshops. In a way they are fun projects because they give you a little inside on how a company works. On the other hand it's just plain fun and at the same time very demanding to design and develop with the end user in your mind.

Master Project


You can find all the information about LANBOOST here.

Photoshop doodles

Photoshop doodles

I enjoy working on my photoshop skills, I often try out new stuff like this photomanipulation of myself.

Company Websites

From Start to finish

I often get asked how I make a website. Mostly the answer is always te same. When making a website I follow a series of procedures I leared during my internship, my summerjobs and mostly out of my own working experience. It helps me effectively give a customer what he wants/needs.

Want to know more about it? Then contact me.

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